[PRESALE]  Buy FOI Tokens

Choose number of FOI tokens to buy:

costs X ETH

(paste X ETH into the "amount to send" field of your ERC-20 compatible wallet)

Copy this payment address.

Paste to the "receiver address" field of your ERC-20 compatible wallet (need help?).

Make your ETH transaction using the following settings:

Gas Limit: 200,000
Gas Price: 50 gwei (50000000000 wei)


It really is as simple as that! Just send X ETH to "TBA - Pre-sale not live, do not send!" from an ERC20 Compatible Wallet, like MEW, MyEtherWallet, (not from an exchange), and you are good to go! We recommend using a gas limit of 200,000. FOI tokens will be issued, to those who participated, upon the conclusion of the presale in October. This pre-sale is U.S. friendly! Thank you for your support!

All Tokens will be transferred at the conclussion of the pre-sale.

U.S. Citizens are allowed to participate in this pre-sale. USA Friendly

FOI tokens are indivisible, so you can only buy whole numbers; purchases will be rounded down.

Any non-qualifying or excess amounts of ETH will be refunded to the address from which it came.

The Pre-Sale begins August 13 12:00AM GMT (Open Now)!

The Pre-Sale ends October 12 11:59PM GMT.